Kiesewetter Law Firm is a boutique law firm that focuses on employee benefits and executive compensation, health care regulatory compliance and general corporate law.  From the first day our firm opened its doors, our focus has been and will continue to be the same - to solve complicated legal issues in collaborative, comprehensive and creative ways while being client driven and cost-effective.  


Being a boutique firm, we focus specifically on certain practice areas of law – employee benefits and executive compensation, health care regulatory compliance, and general corporate law. Using the depth of our knowledge and experience in these specific practice areas, we not only partner with our clients but also with our clients’ other professional consultants to make sure we are wholly achieving our clients’ goals. We work alongside our clients as team members, providing counsel and advice for our clients so that our clients can focus on what they do best – their core business.



Along with being collaborative, we also strive to find comprehensive and creative legal solutions for our clients. In a constantly changing and complex legal and regulatory environment, we find that it is much more effective to pursue a proactive approach to legal issues instead of a reactive one. Thus, we help our clients look at the whole picture, not just the issue at hand, so our clients can move ahead with their business prepared and protected under current laws and regulations.



Because we are a small, boutique firm, we are able to focus on our clients and developing client relationships. Sound legal advice is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We take the time to learn our clients’ businesses; to understand who our clients are, where they have been and where they want to go.

Our clients are not lost in the shuffle of a large firm. We tailor our counsel and advice to our clients’ specific businesses and to our clients’ particular needs and goals.



As a small firm, we have more control over the structure of our rates. We are able to offer our clients high-quality and personal representation with extensive knowledge and experience in employee benefits and executive compensation, health care regulatory compliance and corporate law without the big firm price tag.