Every generation has its own distinct characteristics. They each fight for different causes, have different values and look at things in a different way. This includes employment. As millennials become the majority of the workforce in Tennessee, you need to become more aware of what they want in terms of benefits because their needs will differ from your other employees. This means you may have to make adjustments in your benefits package to grab new employees.

According to Forbes, millennials value benefits over the pay you offer in most cases. Not that they do not care about the salary they will earn but they have a larger focus on the benefits because those will impact them now and in the long run. They often look for a job based on the benefits offered and may even leave a job if the benefits are not up to par.

There are certain benefits that they value above all else. Knowing what these are can allow you to put together a package that will attract this generation of workers.

Millennials want you to offer them flexible schedules, ongoing training to help them with career growth, student loan repayment options and fitness discounts. They also like family benefits that include coverage for fertility treatments and nice options for maternity and paternity leave.

This generation wants you to invest in them. They also like to have a good work-family balance. The benefits they want reflect these desires. Putting together a good package for them requires being aware of these needs and wants. This information is for education only. It is not legal advice.